Serving Kansas City Missouri and Surrounding Areas
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1) Sallie House
3) Confidential case
4) Longview Mansion
5) Private Residence
2) Private Residence
6) Glore Psychiatric Museum
7) Private Residence
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Welcome to SSGPI's investigation page. Each link will take you to all the photos and evidence collected during the investigation you select. Please note we do include orbs in with each investigation, however we do not view them as actual evidence. They are only included for those who like to view them. Please bare with us as we will update this as often as possible , however our clients come first and are our priority.
8) Harris-Kearney House (evidence coming soon)
9) Private Residence (evidence coming soon)
10) Lexington Battlefield (evidence coming soon)
11) Unknown Cemetery, Ireland (evidence coming soon)
12) Ross Castle, Ross Ireland (evidence coming soon)
13) Private residence (evidence coming soon)
15) Kansas City Workhouse (evidence coming soon)
16) Private residence (evidence coming soon)
17) Whatsoever community center (evidence coming soon)
14) Private residence (evidence coming soon)