Household cleansing part 1

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you, but you know your alone? Are you experiencing strange phenomena with no logical explanation? Do you feel a paranormal or

Aghina Ireland

Aghina Ireland

supernatural presence? Before you call the ghostbusters give this easy house cleansing ritual a try.

Saging ( Aka Smudging) 

 Sage, also known as salvia, has been used for hundreds of years as a cleansing agent. A bundle of sage is inexpensive and easy to find on the World Wide Web. You can also grow your own in a plant pot at home. Sage takes around 75 days from seed to harvest, once you harvest your sage hang it to dry somewhere out of the elements and out of direct sunlight.

 Things you will need for your home cleansing:

* dried sage

* matches

* A heat proof ceramic bowl

* Full glass of water (just in case) 

Here’s what you want to do-

 Step 1 – Take your dried sage and crush a good amount up into your ceramic bowl, do not put more than half a bowl full in. If you have access to some sand, you may place a small amount underneath your sage as an added heat barrier.

 Step 2- Using a match, set flame to the sage in your ceramic bowl. Allow your sage to flame and burn down to get the smoke started.

 Step 3- Walk through your home with your bowl of smoking sage, blowing on it gently to disperse the smoke (keep a sharp eye out for any floating embers, this is why you should keep your glass of water close at hand). Make sure to sage all areas of your home, including closets and corners.

 Step 4- Continue saging your home from top to bottom periodically. A positive message is usually spoken to accompany your saging. For example “I release the negative from my home and welcome the positive.”

When and why should you sage-

 Think about it like this, the paranormal feed off of energy, especially negative energy (anger, stress, anxiety, etc..). Negative energy is the strongest of all emotional energy. Now think about what takes place inside your home. Have there been disagreements and arguments with your significant other, children, family and friends. This could leave a residual negative energy in the atmosphere of your home. In the case where you may have an unseen house guest, all of this energy is like fuel to them, allowing them the needed energy to make themselves known. By saging your home, you are clearing out the fuel they feed on. Even if you have no paranormal activity in your home, you will still find saging beneficial to lightening the atmosphere of your home. Does your home feel depressing or stagnant or just negative feeling? Saging will help lift and cleanse these feelings from the home. Give it a try.

 A. Baird

2 thoughts on “Household cleansing part 1

  1. I use sage a couple times a year to cleanse my house. But you can do a more throughly cleansing on 2x a year. On the Summer Solstice (or any day that a particular strong meaning for you). Take a broom and sweep your entire home, no matter if you have carpet or not. Sweep from the corners out thru the door clean out side. Doesn’t matter it you have “dirt” moving or not. You’re getting rid of negative energies. Do your entire home, in-vision white energy from you to the broom. Next wash down wood wook, doors & jambs, mop floors with water & white vinegar. Then light a candle in each room and start the sage smudging. Say a prayer, chant whatever, but see white light filling each room and any lingering “dark” negativity scattering into nothingness. Once the smuding is done. Blow out the candles, and place a spray of fresh flowers and herbs in the “heart” of the home. You will be amazed at the good feeling that settles into the bones of your dwelling.

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