The truth behind ghost hunting.

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Every day it seems there are more and more ghost hunting groups being formed. With the popularity of the “reality” shows out there lots of people think it’s an easy and exciting field to get into. Paranormal investigation is actually an easy field to get into, all you need is a camera and a voice recorder and you can do a basic investigation. Most groups do not have the high-tech sophisticated equipment you see on tv or the resources to acquire such toys. There are no rules on how to conduct a ghost hunting group or investigation as everything in the paranormal field is theoretical and there are no qualifications you need to pass to become an investigator. In reality it’s not as easy or as glamorous as you see on tv to actually do an investigation.

During the average paranormal investigation you are in the dark, sometimes siting for long periods of time looking at the lights on a meter hoping to see a flash or hear a noise with nothing happening. Asking questions out loud; with the hope that you will pick up some EVPS (electronic voice phenomenon) on your audio recorder when you review it later. On tv you always see someone go “did you hear that” and everyone gasp with anticipation wondering what they caught. Most of the time it is nothing more than theatrics to get the audience excited. Really who wants to watch a show where people sit in the dark and look off into space? Yes on occasion when we have a new member we will do something to mess with them and see how they react. We only do this on training investigations however and always not it in the evidence so someone doesn’t think they caught something. Some groups get in it hoping to get a show or make money off of it. There are thousands of groups out there all hoping for this and almost all of them will never see this happen.

The equipment used in paranormal investigations is not cheap. Meters vary in price most about $50 and a good DVR (digital video recorder) system is a few hundred. On tv they have thermal imaging cameras that start at about $1200 for a basic model, most average people don’t have this kind of money to throw around for what will amount to as a hobby. While you can get by with a voice recorder and a digital camera you will never get that great piece of evidence without some sort of video. Stationary DVR systems seem to work the best since handhelds only record what you are looking at.

The big commitment you don’t see on tv is the amount of time it takes to review ghost hunting evidence. Prime example is that if you are running 4 cameras for a 2 hour paranormal investigation it will probably take 10-16 hours to properly review all the footage not to mention all the still camera pictures and audio evidence gathered. On the tv they make it seem so simple and easy but when you work and have other responsibilities it is never quite that simple.

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If you are looking for a fun experience with a lot of exciting experiences ghost hunting is probably not for you. If you want to help people and don’t mind the long tedious work involved in review hours of evidence then maybe you should look into finding a ghost hunting group you click with and giving it a try.

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